The company has a policy to carry out its activities in such a manner that no fatal or serious injury or damage to property arise during the operation. For optimum actualization of this policy, skilled and trained staffs in various fields are engaged.
To ensure an enviable performance, the following strategies will be adopted:
(i) There must be strict compliance with safety rules and regulations.
(ii) Any work that cannot be carried out safely should not be started but should be reported.
(iii) All personnel should be involved in site daily toolbox/pep talk meeting.
(iv) All personnel should be involved in regular monthly HSE activities.
(v) Adequate contingency plans and follow-up actions are put in place to cope with emergency situation during operation.
(vi) There shall be continuous identification of accidental causes and how to control these causes of accident.
(vii) Industrial Accident will be reduced to achieve the said goal zero fatality. To achieve this, the company will always adhere to the instructions on the permit to work (PTW) system.
(viii) To ensure safety at all times, employees and visitors shall wear personal protective Equipments (PPEs) during job execution at out work sites.