Management recognizes the hazardous nature of its operation- both oil and non-oil related and the adverse consequences of its failure to observed, assess, and control or completely eliminate the acts and conditions that could result in accident or incident.

Management is therefore committed to executing its activities to ensure safe and healthy work environment for all employees and the safety of persons living in the work vicinity. The company goal of goal zero fatality in every project will be achieved by maintaining proactive HSE programs designed to prevent accidents and incidents

The purpose of the policy is to ensure we comply with all applicable regulations governing our operations, and that of client and thereby providing a standard procedure for all work activities necessary for enforcement of health and safety policy in our operation.

Management  will make the health, safety and welfare of all personnel and third parties participating in its operations a matter of primary concern in all its activities.

All efforts shall be geared towards elimination of personal injuries, loss control and adequate security of the work site and work force.

High premium shall be placed on employee’s safety, health, and education and hazard control. Our activities will be conducted in such a manner as not to adversely affect any third party.

Employee reserves the right to suspend any activity he believes counters the company’s safety Policy and report same to his supervisors and site safety officer.

Additionally expression of concerns to safety by all personnel in the work place shall be encouraged and addressed.