As any work affects every system of the body, our company policy on health include the following:

(i) The company laid great emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept and protection of the employees.

(ii) Medical Retainer-ship is maintained with a reputable clinic in the locality for and emergency purposes.

(iii) Pre – employment medical examination for new employees in conducted before engagement in any operational activity and medical certificate of fitness issued.

(iv)  As a follow-up to employee health status, all staff/workers will undergo an annual check up to determine their fitness to continue the job. Workers found medically unfit to continue the job will be withdrawn and allowed to go for treatment until they are certified medically fit.

(v)  Possession, distribution, use or sale of illicit or dangerous drugs at the company’s office or locations is strictly prohibited.

(vi)  Medical certificate of fitness must be issued after treatment of any occupational sickness days absent before returning to site.

(vii)  The provision of first aid box will be strictly adhered to and will be manned by trained first aider or nurse.

(vii)  All health issues should be reported to the appropriate quarters for proper action. Self-medication is not allowed.