Establishment of mutual understanding between management and host community no doubt is fundamental to harmonious relationship between our company, the host community, and client. T is therefore a policy to involve the host community into our plans and programs in the process of execution of our projects.
We will meet this policy by a fourth of introduction through the client representative, the host community representative and the management representative where a mutual understanding is reached between the communities and management of AREA HAZARD.
Management is willing;
(i) To observe all protocols, customs and norms of the host community.
(ii) To provide employment to unskilled/skilled labours where applicable within the host community.
(iii)To provide developmental assistance, sub contracts to capable/competent host community contractors.
(iv) To put in place modalities that will ensure smooth relationship in the cause of project executions by promptly adopting positive attitude in conflict resolution, investigating any complaints of trespass, encroachment of set boundaries or damage to properties with a view to resolving such problems amicably.