The management shall implement and support initiatives which further enhance performance of this policy statement. With this all company’s personnel and that of sub-contractor shall ensure that.
(i) All land, air and marine transport activities/movement are managed as an integral part of our day-to-day activities within the frame work of control that verifies compliance with client’s standards.
(ii) Safety programs are streamlined and put in place to raise the awareness of passengers to full range of land, air and marine journey hazards and their control measure using appropriate journey management safety procedures/approaches.
(iii) All land, and marine transportation operators and doing business with us shall be confirmed accredited, certified and registered by relevant authorities and professional bodies.
(iv) Supervisors are responsible for journey management just as they are held responsible for the job. Thus the same line of supervision for the job will therefore be followed for reported breaches of the journey management procedure.
(v) During mobilization to site, the journey must be planned such that all equipments are moved at the same time.
(vi) In line with our HSE policy, the journey deemed unsafe by the crew must be suspended and reported to the HSE department and supervisors in charge, unless such unsafe condition is corrected, such journey should not be embarked upon.
(v) Journey manager must ensure that only operators who are compliant with client’s operating policy are used in client’s / AREA HAZARD operations. Similarly, only client’s approved vehicles/equipments should be used in Client’s/ AREA HAZARD operations.
(vi) (viii) The idea of placing the job above the life of the workers is not acceptable to the management. Time must be taken to ensure journeys are safe and free of incident/accidents.
(ix) Ensure provision of vehicles with seatbelts, compulsory usage of seatbelts by company’s’ personnel/ and regular in house training on the use of seatbelts will be done.